Pallets Division

Wooden reuse pallets

Pallets Division

Purchase, sale, sorting, repair, recycling...

We handle all reuse pallets in standard, light, half-heavy and heavy wood formats.

EPAL B-306 authorized repairer
VAL-I-PAC wood recycling approval n°501.265
ISPM15 authorization number BE-104709-HT


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7333 Tertre - BELGIQUE

Adresse de livraison

Ateliers de Tertre
Secteur Palettes Rue Olivier Lhoir 67/96 73333 Tertre



+32 487 04 50 73

A major market player

With more than 500,000 pallets processed annually, Ateliers de Tertre is a major player in this market.
Les Ateliers disposent de leur propre flotte de véhicules.
Avec une superficie de plus de 12 000 m² dont 5000 m² couverts, le site dispose d’une capacité de stockage de plus de 100 000 palettes,

Thanks to their infrastructures and their expertise, Ateliers de Tertre are able to offer their customers a complete management of their pallets.

Assistantes administratives paletterie

(Requests for road transport with customers, purchase of pallets, invoicing, customer/supplier follow-up, Val-I-Pac, etc.)

Pallet production

(Road transport requests/scheduling with customers, production, stock, inventories)

Business Unit Manager

Pallets Division

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In pictures, the Pallets

Pallets Division

Our superb trucks for transport

Pallets Division

Repair and maintenance of your pallets